Draycott in Bloom 2018

Draycott in Bloom throughout the Year
Votes for women WW1 soldier Handy with a brush Restoring the Villa street lampost
Wintry wheelbarrow March litter pick First planting at Victoria Mill The Green preperation
Draycott Green in development Dibbers potting the first of the plug plants. Early shoots Early days
Chris Marvell hard at work on the memorial garden Rodney on guard Draycott's memorial garden Bike planter in March
Derby Road railings display Crocus on the Green Draycott's springtime wheelbarrow Second session of potting on 900 plug plants
Dibbers hard at work Hundreds more plug plants now repotted Dibbers taking a well earned break And there's more.
Jenny, busy as usual Saving the bulbs Gordon in the poly-tunnel Poly-tunnel group
Manufacturing the new village sign First laser cut of the new village sign Shelagh working on Parry's planer Shelagh working on Parry's planter
Colin and Cynthia hard at work Sawley road sign New notice board under construction New notice board under construction
The new DiB noticeboard now in use. St. Chad's car park. Cedar farm cart Time to move the plants
Dibbers getting ready to receive nearly 3000 plants Plants arriving from Broomfield Hanging baskets in transit Living wall under constuction
Living wall, in the beginning Wall garden plus WW1 poem Young 'Dibber' Erica is hard at work Young 'Dibber' Erica, planting the new plants.
Wellie planting Big wellie panted Wellie well planted Little dibbie plants hiws wellie
Job well done Remembering Votes for women Draycott's Roll of honour
Nice plaque Drayott's lost solders. gone but not forgotten Remberance poem Market place planter
Draycott honey Living installation Living wall Plants being delivered
Plant delivery New WW1 soldier structure Wheel structure Little wheelbarrow
Bus stop in bloom Fence painting Corner of Mapleton road Secret garden
The new Draycott village sign Suffragettes protesting in Draycott East Midlands in Bloom judges leaving Draycott